No matter if you are travelling on a budget, or opting for luxury, you will find accommodation to fit your needs in Iceland. From luxury hotels in Reykjavik, to friendly hostels or cozy campsites, you will find what you are looking for here. 

Just remember, during summer the midnight sun may test your tolerance for sleep deprivation.


There are hotels around Iceland to suit all tastes and budgets, from the most luxurious to the simple and sufficient. Several travel agencies and airlines have special accommodation offers which can only be purchased outside Iceland. Hotels are classified according to VAKINN quality system.


A nice guesthouse offers a friendly and relaxed travelling experience. Most Icelandic guesthouses are family owned and operated, and offer a homey atmosphere and friendly service. Guesthouses are classified according to a standard compiled by the Icelandic Tourist Board called VAKINN.

Mountain Huts

For those traversing the Icelandic highlands, mountain huts are available along the most common trails and in other areas. In most cases these huts are very basic shelters along the most popular routes. Space is limited so you will need to book in advance.


Renting a summerhouse is a good alternative for people who want to spend their vacation peacefully and acquaint themselves with a certain area of Iceland. Summerhouses are also an economical choice for small groups and families. Most summerhouses offer cooking facilities and access to hot tubs.


There is a great selection of youth and family hostels all around Iceland and in the capital of Reykjavik. Hostels are for individuals, families and groups and offers low priced rooms and good quality overnight accommodation in friendly atmosphere.

Farm Holidays

Icelandic Farm Holidays is a chain of farms around Iceland offering travellers accommodation and a variety of services. Among the activities offered at farms are horseback riding, fishing, sailing, hunting, glacier tours, sheep round-up and swimming. Accommodation varies, from farmhouses or country hotels, to separate houses or cottages.


VAKINN is the official quality assurance organization for Icelandic tourism. Only companies that maintain the highest standards and meet a comprehensive assessment criteria have earned the right to carry VAKINN – Iceland tourism's official quality label.